UnderGround Forums Frankie Edgar wants legacy fight vs. Dom Cruz

8/31/20 9:58 AM
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In 2011, Frankie Edgar was the UFC lightweight champion, and Dominick Cruz held the belt at bantamweight. In 2013, Edgar dropped to featherweight and unsuccessfully challenged for the title three times. On August 22, 2020, in the main event of UFC on ESPN 15, Edgar successfully dropped to bantamweight, with a Split Decision win over Pedro Munhoz.

Throughout that time, Cruz remained at bantamweight, vacating the title due to injuries, winning it back, defending it successfully, and losing it, all in 2016. Injuries kept Cruz out until 2020, when he returned it a title shot vs. Henry Cejudo, who won, and MMA Retired.

During a recent appearance on Bruce Buffer’s It’s Time podcast, Edgar angled for a fight with Cruz.

“Another guy that’s also a little older and a legend himself is Dominick Cruz,” said Edgar. “A lot of people are still talking about that, so I’m definitely interested. The title is obviously my main goal, where my sight’s on, but it doesn’t have to be right away. I’m willing to fight some of those legacy fights as well.”

“That’d be tough. If you chase him, he’s really good at that, and you don’t want him chasing you either. So I think you got to mix it up and try a little cat and mouse game with him.”

Edgar was asked when he wants to fight again.

“I think before the year is out,” he replied. “Before Christmas would be ideal. I just spoke with my manager about wanting to get in there in December and he’s got some ideas. I’m sure he’s gonna run it by the UFC soon.”

Cruz does not have a fight scheduled since the loss to Cejudo, so the timing could be perfect. Make it happen Dana White and Ali Abdelazziz.

What do you think UG, who takes Frankie vs. Dom?

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8/31/20 11:36 AM
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I like this matchup!

8/31/20 11:37 AM
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Frankie would have to finish him I think, Dom should take a fairly easy decision of not. 

This fight 100% needs to be made though, both guys deserve the chance of having the other on their resume 

8/31/20 11:42 AM
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Yes.  Please make this fight happen!

8/31/20 11:53 AM
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It's a dream fight. We've wanted it for a while. Neither fighter is at their prime, but they both have enough in the tank to make it worthwhile.

8/31/20 12:02 PM
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I’ve been wanting to see this fight for a long while now. I wish they fought when they were both in their primes. 

It’d still be a great fight now though. 

8/31/20 12:03 PM
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I’d watch these little fellas scrap it out. Great match up.

8/31/20 12:09 PM
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Great Matchup! No idea who would take that, but it is a sure bet it will go to decision 

8/31/20 12:42 PM
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I like it.

8/31/20 1:15 PM
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good matchup

8/31/20 1:25 PM
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Great fight. I'd be interested to see how Frankie uses his wrestling and how effective he is with it.

8/31/20 2:01 PM
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Dom probly thinks he's getting the next title shot

8/31/20 2:10 PM
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I was thinking about this during his fight

itd be fantastic, hope dom accepts

8/31/20 2:54 PM
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Great fight!
8/31/20 2:56 PM
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Fight makes sense for where both guys are in their careers

8/31/20 2:57 PM
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8/31/20 3:13 PM
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I like this fight. 

8/31/20 3:51 PM
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Frankie all day!
8/31/20 4:23 PM
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Dom's body is worse than O'Malleys

8/31/20 8:23 PM
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Underwhelming match up.  Both are way past their primes.  And it has decision written all over it.  I’d rather see them against young talent.  

8/31/20 8:25 PM
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Kimbos Lice -

Dom's body is worse than O'Malleys

Naw Dom has made it to championship level before injuries.  Sean Malley hasn’t even fought anyone in the top 10.  

8/31/20 8:37 PM
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Fuck yes.

Did Dom fight at 145 in WEC or always 135?
8/31/20 8:40 PM
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Love it. Frankie by being more active and also by just being goatier
8/31/20 8:45 PM
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this the type of fight ufc should make

9/1/20 1:42 AM
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Siciliano di Brooklyn - Fuck yes.

Did Dom fight at 145 in WEC or always 135?

Dom lost to Uriah Faber at 145