Sunday, February 20, 2005

Juan Adams has made it no secret that he wants to throw down with Greg Hardy. Peek at any of the UFC heavyweight’s social media pages ...
... and you’ll quickly find posts talking about the controversial Hardy and his skills (or lack thereof). However, Adams seems to be over the idea that he likely will never get that fight. In an interview with The Top Turtle MMA Podcast, Adams spoke about why he feels like the Hardy fight won’t ever happen.

“[The UFC] made it pretty clear that they’re never going to let me fight Greg Hardy,” Adams said. “They’re clearly protecting him.”

When asked to clarify his stance on the protection, Adams cited not just the UFC, but also Hardy’s management team. Each of the two groups had their own ways of letting Adams know he wasn’t on their list.

“After my last fight, we texted Mick [Maynard], and we didn’t hear anything back forever,” Adams shared and added, “[His management team] said from their own mouth, ‘well, it’s not protecting, we’re building a star, so we have to protect his record.’ That’s exactly what they said.”

While some might be disappointed to be shut down for a fight on so many fronts, Adams, always the optimist, finds the humor in a situation.

“I just think it’s hilarious that they want to put that as a co-main and try to force feed him to fans, when there’s so much better talent out there,” he said.

As for Hardy’s most recent performance, you can imagine that Adams wasn’t impressed there either. In fact, the performance further proves to him why they wouldn’t let him anywhere near the UFC’s commodity.

“I thought he looked like s*** - he’s terrible, man,” he said with a laugh. “You look at his form and he’s leaving his feet with every punch, he’s burning himself out. He’s just not very good.”

And Adams was even less impressed by the skills of Hardy’s opponent Dmitrii Smoliakov.

“I don’t know how the guy he fought was 9-2,” he said, offering a suggestion. “Honestly, it looked like a paid dive.”

Adams fights Arjan Bhullar this weekend at UFC on ESPN+ from Ottawa.

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Author Daniel Vreeland is a co-founder of the Top Turtle Podcast, and a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu at New England Submission Fighting in Amherst, Massachusetts.