Overeem TKOs Oleinik in UFC on ESPN+ 7 main event

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The main event of UFC on ESPN+ 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia featured a heavyweight bout between top contenders Alistair Overeem and Aleksei Oleinik.


Round 1 – Touch of gloves starts the main event. Quick clinch, and Oleinik pulls guard immediately. Oleinik wants the patented Ezekiel choke, but Overeem able to work free. He moves to stand, landing a kick as Oleinik pulls away. Oleinik rushes forward with punches and lands a big overhand right. Overeem covers on the cage, and Oleinik swarms with punches. Oleinik teeing off but can’t land clean. He finally backs away. Huge knee from Overeem, but Oleinik walks through it and is pounding away at the body. Overeem finally works his way off the fence. Overeem times another big knee, but Oleinik walks through it and starts firing big punches again. Madness right now. Oleinik leaving Overeem no room to work, pushing the pace and getting the best of the strikes. Overeem continues to favor the knee, and he lands a few to the body. Oleinik gutting his way through and working forward and landing big punches in tight. Oleinik pounding away at the body, but Overeem answering with knees. Oleinik just using his right hand to get him inside and then peppering the body once in tight. Pace is non-stop. Overeem patient and landing big knees inside. He targets the chin and lands a few. Oleinik goes to the floor. Overeem on top and landing big punches and elbows. Oleinik covering well but not really moving. Referee Marc Goddard watching closely and issues a few warnings. Seconds left, and Overeem keeps striking, and this fight is over. Wild one-rounder.

source: mmajunkie.com

Official Result: Alistair Overeem defeated Aleksei Oleinik by TKO (Strikes, Round 1, 4:45)

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