Conor McGregor is getting a cooler birthday present than you are

Monday, July 09, 2018

Birmingham, UK-based hyperrealistic sculptor Edgar Askelovic, known as Aspencrow, has created a $70,000 statue to celebrate the 30th birthday of former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. That happens on Saturday, July 14.

It weighs 220 pounds and uses silicone, marble powder, and polyurethane eyes to make Notorious appear as if he bursting out of rock.

“To create the piece, I looked back to antiquity, when athletes were immortalised in sculptures as gods,” said Askelovic to Ailis Brennan for The Standard. “I combined some details from a Michelangelo statue with modern day graffiti to capture the present day's warrior sensibilities.”

The artists chronicled the creative process on his social network.

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Three version of the sculpture will be created, with two going on sale at Malat Gallery in Mayfair, London. One will be on display from July 14 through September 30, if it lasts.

How has Lorenzo Fertitta not bought one already?